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What Is A S.A.F.E. Firefighter?

SAFETY MINDED: In order to be effective, we have to know how to protect ourselves.  By learning the limitations of ourselves, our crews, our equipment and the buildings that we operate in, we can prevent injuries caused by known hazards.  By understanding safety standards (OSHA, NFPA and textbooks), learning building construction and learning from Line […]

9/11…It Never Gets Any Easier

It never gets any easier!  Seven years later and it still doesn’t get any easier.  Everyone has  there 9/11 story, where they were, what they doing.  Without doubt, and for obvious reasons, that day will be etched into the minds of those old enough to comprehend the significance of the event. As I’ve watched the […]

The Cleveland Hose Load… The Next Big Thing?

Entry Img

I found this gem while surfing the Indy Metro FOOLS website.  It was posted by Mike Gilbert (a Founding FOOL). This is great answer to the question of which way is the BEST way to load a highrise (standpipe) pack.  Its easy, its versatile and…it works! Also, below is a second dose.  Looks like the […]