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Be The Warrior!

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Fire service warriors are true practitioners of their craft and thrive on sharing their passion and knowledge for the job with any and all who will listen. They understand that every aspect of the job is equally as important. The tougher the challenge, the more focused and determined they become. Their unbridled “passion for the profession” is unmistakable. They understand that trust and brotherhood are forged in sweat and soot. Are you a Warrior?

Equations or Effectiveness? Have We Become So Smart We’re Stupid?

How did it come to be this way? Is this truly the future of the fire service, to not fight fires at all? It’s hard to be called out for being wrong when you stand on the side of over-cautiousness with a second helping of safety. And alas that is where the nation’s authors have gone to avoid confrontation, a catch phrase contest on who can be the safest. I have a new catch phrase for you, “Return to Effectiveness”.

Basics for Understaffed Truck Work: Search

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By searching for victims and fire, we can increase the speed of fire attack and extinguishment which creates a safer fireground for everyone. This post will detail how to get the most out of your search despite various staffing levels.

And Justice for All… We Never Forgot!

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10 years, 3000+ civilians and 343 firefighters dead… we got bin Laden.