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Not-So-Vacant, Vacants

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When most of us think about fighting fires in vacant buildings we envision either urban areas with blocks of old vacants or rural areas with one lonely house hidden in the overgrowth. But we found a random row of empty, new construction, houses in a well-kept suburban area where firefighters generally wouldn’t think twice about calling this row “EMPTY” or “VACANT”. Presumably, they would set their strategies and tactics in motion accordingly. Here is proof that we can never take things at face value.

The Next 100 Feet of the Attack Line

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When discussing attack line tactics, one of the most important points to remember is for the Nozzle Firefighter to always show up at the door with, at least, 1 section of hose often referred to as the “working length”. What about the 100 feet or so behind the working length? Who manages that hose and how? There are certain objectives, or good practices, that all engine companies should try to accomplish that will aid in advancing the attack line into the structure.