First Due Friday; Heavy Smoke from a Commercial

Share your strategies, tactics and experience!  Every Friday we’ll post a picture or video and want to get your take on the situation.

THE SCENARIO:  Check out this “soupy” commercial job in PG County, MD.  Give us your RECEO breakdown, initial actions and initial rig placement.  Ready…Go!

  • What is your initial report?
  • Rescue considerations?
  • Exposures?
  • Confinement issues?
  • Extinguishment strategies and tactics?
  • Overhaul, what areas will you focus initial searches for extension?
  • Rig placement?

NOTE:  Thanks to JT for citing the source of this pic as being from the Berwyn Height VFD site @  via the Firehouse Guy.
I got this pic a while ago but now I can’t remember where I got it.  Since Berwyn Heights is in the pic, I’ll give the credit to the Brothers at Co. 14.


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