I “Get It”… And I’m Gonna Give It To You

A while ago I was having an “All Smoke” with a couple of my mentors, Captains Richard Dollahan and Chris Garniewicz. We were busy solving the Department’s problems (yeah, ours has them too) and started wondering how we can motivate people to approach the job with the same passion and intensity that we do. HOW DO YOU TEACH SOMEONE TO “GET IT”?

We discussed all of the key topics such as mentoring, being “the thumb” and other brilliant theories. The collective conclusion was thatYOU CAN’T!

Could it be as simple as, you either GET IT or you DON’T?Maybe it is.

We are optimists, so we reorganized our thoughts and realized that the three of us were always the ones (respectfully) taking the time tointimately learn our equipment,asking questions in training and having this discussion while everyone else was in the house enjoying “personal time”.

So our new theory is this…if you GET IT, then maybe you need to GIVE IT to other people.Even if it means holding their hand, breaking the ice or handing them a tool in the dayroom and asking them questions about it.

Maybe the problem is that we get so deeply engaged in expanding our own knowledge, experience and brains, that we forget to include others who may be content hangingback. They may be willing to learn but need a nudge or they may too intimidated by the “Type A” macho crap to pipe up and ask. Give it to them, set them up for success, build their confidence and maybe they’ll start to “get it”. Drag people into conversations and training and rememberthatlittle nugget of knowledge may save their life or yours.

I love this job. I love my brothers (some more like distant cousins, but family anyhow). Our profession is one of the most intense, interpersonal, technical and risky out there. I understand and appreciate what it takes to have pride and ownership in myself, a crew, a rig and a firehouse and how all that translates to success when the bells ring. I get it… and I’m gonna give it to you?

-Thanks and Be Safe-


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  • Boom Shacka-lacka!!! Sorry, I’m a moron. I’ve agonized for months about how to explain what “It” is, but the words always seem to fall short. Who needs the explanation of “It” when you can pass “It” on and see “It” grow in others. Thanks for your words bro!

  • Gillian says:

    Damnit… YES! I have been watching my father do this for years, he has built a wonderful department doing this but I have never figured out how he managed it… THIS is exactly how he managed it and every member of Walpole Fire and Rescue would agree with me. Going to attempt to stop banging my head against the wall momentarily and try this…

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VEIS, The “I” Isn’t Silent
Hey Eric, Thanks for reading the post and thanks for taking the time to comment! The primary reason that we demo VEIS using the Halligan is that we also promote using the NY Roof Hook (or other similar STEEL SHAFTED hook) to perform VEIS. Together, they marry to make the "Hook Irons" which can be…
2014-10-21 03:51:32
Eric Dreiman
VEIS, The “I” Isn’t Silent
What is your thought process for the Halligan? I teach VEIS a lot and discourage FF's from entering with a Halligan. I tell them to take an axe (preferably a flat head) to conduct search. I my humble opinion, I feel that a Halligan is too heavy and cumbersome to swing back and forth while…
2014-10-17 02:25:15
George Hawkins
If you put enough water on a fire it will eventually go out!
2014-09-10 00:16:29
Movement Monday; August 11, 2014 (TeamWORK)
Great ideas guys. Working in our SCBA is a must. When it comes to stretching...up to 30 seconds, but no benefit past that according to most research. A quick stretch after the warm up is also a good idea. Thanks for the work.
2014-08-16 22:19:26
Movement Monday; August 11, 2014 (TeamWORK)
Fun workout. Tried to get crew involved, might take a little work. But fun none the less! I went for 40 minutes ....farmers carry 50lb dumb bells, ladder carry around station, step ups on a box (20), deadlifts (135 @ 15) shoulder press (45lbs 15) squats (20) fast walk around station.
2014-08-12 19:30:27

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