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First Due Friday; Transitional Attack? Pre-Arrival Video

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Here is a great pre-arrival video of a house fire transitioning from serious to worse. This would be a great size-up tool for anyone riding the seat. Give us the report and your RECEO VS considerations. Enjoy!

This Ain’t The Burn Building

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DO WE TRAIN OURSELVES INTO MEDIOCRITY? I see more pack rat houses than “Better Homes and Gardens” houses. Yet we train in nearly empty buildings. Is this the root of complacency? Are you and your crew trained to identify and overcome obstacles in our path to complete the task at hand?

First Due Friday; Where Is The Fire?

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Heavy Smoke from a split-level. What are some of the specific challenges in split-levels? Where do you think this fire started? What is YOUR strategy for SEARCH? What about VENTILATION? Give us the initial report and your RECEO VS considerations. Enjoy!

St. Patty’s Motivation

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Happy St. Patty’s

First Due Friday; We’ve Got a Hot One in the Desert (Video)

What would your FD do for this attached garage fire? Would your FD make entry through the front door and push the fire out OR knock it down from the outside, then go in? What would you do to address the extension issues? Give us the report and your RECEO VS considerations. Enjoy!

VES Class Wrap Up

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This past weekend, we were fortunate to be able to teach our “Ventilation, Entry & Search Techniques” class at the South Carolina Fire Academy’s annual Southeastern Fire School. We had a great weekend both teaching (& learning), spending time with old friends and making new ones. Here are some of the highlights…

First Due Friday; Water, Water, Who’s Got the Water?

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Large residential w/ HEAVY FIRE! We’ll call this one a rural firefighting operation. Could your FD handle a water shuttle operation for this? What resources would you use for it? What may be some other issues to consider? What does the RECEO VS profile look like for this one? Enjoy!

Thinking Outside The Box May Kill You

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Thinking “outside the box” is a perfectly appropriate goal for someone when faced with a unique challenge. Yet firefighters get hurt and killed at what some would consider less-than unique fires. Sometimes we have to keep it simple and put people in areas not only to perform efficiently, but also get us the most accurate information prior to making a dangerous decision. There are six sides to every fire and it is our job to see them all.

First Due Friday; “Houston” We Have a Problem!

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THE SCENARIO: HEAVY FIRE from the attic w/ extension to TWO other houses! If this one doesn’t test the strength and discipline of your crews and alarm assignments, congratulations! Give us the report and your RECEO VS considerations. Enjoy!