First Due Friday; We’ve Got a Hot One in the Desert (Video)

Share your strategies, tactics and experience! Every Friday we’ll post a picture or video and want to get your take on the situation.

THE SCENARIO: What would your FD do for this attached garage fire? Would your FD make entry through the front door and push the fire out OR knock it down from the outside, then go in? What would you do to address the extension issues? Give us the report and your RECEO VS considerations. Enjoy!

  • PLEASE REMEMBER… We want to critique this video, however First Due Friday is a CONSTRUCTIVE tool! Mudslinging comments WILL NOT be posted. Thanks and enjoy!
NOTE: This week’s video was recommended by Bill Carey Thanks Bill!


  • h dawg says:

    Looks like a simple garage fire with little to no extension.

    1st pumper:
    Offensive attack through front door to prevent spread and confine fire to garage

    2nd pumper:
    Water supply for the eningeer, primary search. When search complete,

    3rd pumper/other responding apparatus: rit

    1st aerial:
    search if not already complete, vent if needed, but not likely needed.
    Lets check for extension into the floor space of the 2nd floor. ensure the truck brings a water can in case there is.

    Arrival report:

    “2 story residental lightweight structure. Visible fire with black laminar smoke from garage on side A. No other indications of additonal fire, appears like a garage fire.
    1st engine pull a line through front door for fire attack”

    ( Oh, 4 man engines, dont worry about the 2 out :p )

  • Jay says:

    Had one similar to this not long ago. We were second due, and the first due engine went through the house and attacked from the laundry room. Although in that case the garage door was still intact.

    “E1 on the scene of a two story dwelling, heavy fire from the attached garage. E1 will be stretching.”

    Pump operator-hit it with the deck gun to knock it down. As soon as it darkens down, shut down the deck gun and charge the handline. If the hydrant is in range to hand stretch, do it. Once on the hydrant, hit it again with the deck gun if it flares up and the other companies haven’t arrived.

    Jumpseat-stretch the bundle to the front door. Make sure you’ve got plenty of line in case we have to go upstairs.

    Company Officer-do a 360, find out where occupants are. The FF and CO take the first line to the area of the interior garage door and check for extension. The last couple of these we had, the drywall and doors held. The only smoke in the house got there when we opened the interior door to the garage. I want to avoid that if possible. We will pull ceiling/walls in the house to catch extension.

    2nd engine will provide manpower to initial line. If no extension is found on first floor, may use second engine manpower to stretch second line to second floor to assist truck or hit fire in garage. Depends on conditions.

    Truck will complete search and check for extension-order of actions based on interior conditions/occupant accountability. Another priority will be to remove the garage doors.

    3rd engine will mop up fire in garage. Be ready to use foam if needed.

    4th engine is RIT.

    Again, in my experience, the drywall and doors usually hold. If the fire and smoke are confined, why let it into the house by opening the interior garage door?

    • Jay ,

      Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like you’ve seen this before. I agree that we shouldn’t cause damage by creating avenues for heat and smoke to enter the house. If the interior door is shut and in tact, you can kind of bastardized basement fire strategies where ext. access is possible.

      In that case, would you send the first crew to the interior access door to check that it’s shut and “hold” a position there during the exterior attack? If the door was opened or compromised would you give them the green light to put the fire out?

      Thanks again and be safe,


  • Jay says:


    First line holds inside by the garage door and opens up the wall/ceiling to check for extension. If the door is open and the inside has already been exposed to smoke, then they are cleared to attack the fire in the garage from that door.

    You threw me a little with the comment on basements. We don’t have exterior basement accesses in my area.

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