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First Due Friday; You Figure It Out!

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This week we’re gonna mix it up a bit! What can you tell us about this fire from its aftermath! Based on what you see, what would you do? Enjoy!

First Due Friday; Heavy Fire, Standpipe Ops & Mayday! (Video)

This video is a great training tool for size-up, radio comms & Command presence. This FD sounds very professional despite difficult fire conditions. This week we’ve got heavy fire & smoke on an upper floor w/ standpipe ops in progress and a Mayday called while transitioning to Defensive Ops. Compare this FD’s ops to your FD and give us your RECEO VS considerations. Enjoy!

Forcible Entry Classes!

Street Smart Forcible Entry Classes. Two open-enrollment classes in Columbia, SC in June.

First Due Friday- What Can Be Saved?

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Here We Go! What would your FD’s operations look like for something like this? How many and what type of resources, water supply considerations, exposure considerations, etc? Enjoy!

Walking The Walk vs. Running Your Mouth

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Sometimes you see something that just gives your morale a kick in the can! This did it for me.