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First Due Friday; A Small Fire In A Strip Mall

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You are dispatched to a smoke detector and burglar alarm activation in a strip center. You arrive to find this! What do you do?

Class Announcement: Forcible Entry 1 & 2 (THIS MONTH!)

FORCE MORE DOORS IN A DAY THAN YOU HAVE IN YEARS! The Bluffton Twp. Fire District will be hosting a FORCIBLE ENTRY DAY at their fire HQ. We will be putting on a Forcible Entry 1 (Irons & Through-the-Lock) & Forcible Entry 2 (Saw Ops, Advanced Irons & High Security). REGISTRATION PERIOD IS SHORT… DON’T MISS IT!

First Due Friday; You Arrive on the Truck… (Video)

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First thing you see is a Truck pulling up to the scene. YOU’RE ON THAT TRUCK! Based on what you see with the building, the conditions, the Engine Co. and other crews’ operations, WHAT ARE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS FOR YOUR CREW? Compare this FD’s ops to your FD and give us your RECEO VS considerations. Enjoy!

Thought For The Day… It’s a Circle!

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Things change, they always have , they always will.

Class Announcement! Street Smart Forcible Entry

Irmo Fire District, in Columbia, SC, will be hosting 2 open enrollment 4-Hour Street Smart Forcible Entry 1 classes