First Due Friday; Grillin’ Season

Share your strategies, tactics and experience!  Every Friday we’ll post a picture or video and want to get your take on the situation.

THE SCENARIO:  This fire started from a grill in the backyard.  Give us your SIZE-UP, CREW ASSIGNMENTS & RECEO VS considerations.  Also, watch the fireground ops and share your constructive criticism. Enjoy!  

  • RESCUE profile
  • EXPOSURE considerations
  • CONFINEMENT issues
  • EXTINGUISHMENT strategies/tactics
  • OVERHAUL considerations
  • VENTILATION strategies/tactics
  • SALVAGE considerations
  • PLEASE REMEMBER… We want to critique this video, however First Due Friday is a CONSTRUCTIVE tool!  Mudslinging comments WILL NOT be posted.  Thanks and enjoy!
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  • Robby O says:

    Arriving with an Engine company of 3 firefighters…I would lay in, give a size up, and do a 360.

    We do not get a view of the back side, but with the description it sounds like a grill got to close to the house caught fire and extended from the exterior into the attic. Judging by the smoke this is clearly an attic fire that is intense but not yet reaching flashover.

    Depending on what I saw on my 360 I would probably deploy a line to the rear and extinguish the grill and exterior fire and can also make an exterior attac on the attic from the outside via the soffit.

    Then once that is knocked down we can take the line inside and find the attic access or have our first arriving special service company begin hooking aggressivley so that we can extinguish the exterior fire.

    Im fine with the company going to the roof but with minimal personel getting access to the fire and searching the occupancy is more the priority especially when you can see the fir self venting before they even begin to cut the hole. If possibly the truck driver (3 man truck company truck driver doubles as OVM) can put a hole in the roof, but I would rather have the officer and fireman from the truck inside with me ensureing we put the fire out rapidly.

    Overall they did a fine job, just different resources operating differently.

  • D. Werner says:

    We would pull up with two engines (three people each) and a rescue (1-2 people).

    1st In: Proper size up, no obvious exposure issues, fire in the attic area, full 360 walkaround to observe extent of fire travel on c-side, stretch line through front door, start pulling ceiling immediately to assess extent of fire travel.

    2nd In: Secure water supply, stretch back up line to door, initiate primary search

    Rescue: Assist with vent operations as needed

    Obviously the fire has extended to the attic space. Based on smoke it seems with some aggressive ceiling pulling and proper line placement this should be knocked fairly quickly. Judging the age of the house from what we can see I don’t think pulling the ceiling will pose any significant challenges.

    Vent location seems to be a little off, but there may have been a reason based on factors outside our perspective. Good learning fire!

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