First Due Friday; Top Floor Garden Apartment

This Friday, you are first arriving unit at this fire.  It is 1530 hours on Sunday.  Using the questions below, tell us what your engine, trucks and commanders would do for this fire…

Keep in mind that, unlike the kitchen table, these brothers or sisters are not here to clarify their actions, so keep it professional and respectful.  Comments should be more about what YOU would do, not what they might be doing, so keep it constructive.  Here are some things to mention in your comments…

  • Give us a size-up… What is it, where is it, where is it going?
  • What is your FIRST LINE & NOZZLE selection & WHERE is the first line going?
  • What are the SEARCH & VENTILATION priorities and tactics?
  • Anything else you want to add





  • Tom Tozer says:

    One building approx 100mtrs by 60mtrs well alight make pumps 5 ..turn table ladder 1 … Fire on the 3rd floor 2main lines …..into 3rd floor windows …request wind direction due to large amount smoke ..this all I would do as first pump in attendance … I wouldn’t commit any ba crews due to man power

    Cheers tom from beverley fire station England

    • safefirefighter says:

      Thanks for your comments! It’s great to get feedback from England! I especially appreciate the difference in terminology, it’s neat to hear. Also thanks for thoroughly explaining your tactics. Check back anytime, hopefully we’ll hear from you again.

      Be Safe Brother,
      Matt from SAFE Firefighter

  • Doug Hamer says:

    Time a bit advantage…hopefully not too many snoozers…First 2 lines to the top floor….begin primary searches and locate fire and attempt to hold in apt of origin. Two ladder companies to work…1st ladder co to open up on side in pic and rear (assuming #3/4 or C/D side) and 2nd ladder company to the roof…looks like frame construction and get it opened and check for extension. Third company stretch 3rd line to adjoining interior exposure to conduct primary, check for extension…and depending on size of building (hard to see in shot) …4th Engine and 3rd Ladder company to assist in evacuation and/completing primary/secondary and ventilation. Caveat…great if you have these resources available.

    • safefirefighter says:

      Doug, thanks for your comments and great breakdowns. It would be nice to have those resources on every fire. Just curious, are you from somewhere in the NE? Just seeing if my detective skills are on point. Please keep in touch.

      Be Safe,
      Matt from SAFE Firefighter

  • Brian says:

    Had a few just like this. Call the all hands. First due engine stretch to fire floor. 500 gallons plenty to put this fire out. Truck co split up and primary search. Force entry if needed. 35 ft ladder to window to left of fire window and rear. Second due truck co. set up aerial to roof and vent over fire. Second engine water supply to first engine and grabs second backup 1 3/4 line off first due engine. (becomes exposure apartment line if first line flowing and knocking down
    without difficulty) Rescue splits as RIT and primary search of exposures.

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