Movement Monday; August 11, 2014 (TeamWORK)

This week is very simple and all about teamwork and learning how much work you can do in your SCBA!  If this is your first week of “Movement Monday”, welcome and please don’t forget to read the general PT info below.  Enjoy!

Cardiac related events still kill more firefighters than anything else.  Here’s the good news… getting fit isn’t overly complicated.  It’s not about running a marathon or being able to lift a car.  Fitness is simply about MOVING.  You’ve gotta get up and keep the blood pumping, the sweat dripping and the heart happy for decent amount of time.  This can be as little as 20 minutes a few days a week.

Now, it’s also critical that you ENJOY what you’re doing.  That may take some experimentation, and you may have to endure some sore mornings, but you gotta find something worth getting up for.  While you’re finding your own routine, we’re gonna give you something to do in the mean time.  These are all workouts that we do ourselves and with our crews at the firehouse.

Therefore, every Monday we want to give you something to help you get moving.  We will also list scaled versions of them so you can start slow but work toward a goal.  READ… If its been a while since you’ve worked out and/or gotten a physical, get one.  Also, there is such a thing as good pain and bad pain.  If you feel bad pain, STOP, rest and recover (and/or see a doctor).  Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself.

If you want, you can also post your results or comments either here or on our Facebook Page.  Enjoy.

Have a Good Week! Thanks and Be SAFE!


WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Ladders, rolls of hose, hand tools, saws, big tires, barbells (really anything with some weight that you can find to carry around).  Also, SCBA, facepiece and area to walk around (preferably laps)

WARM UP: 1 minute jog in place (or 400m jog) then 3 rounds of 20 jumping jacks, 15 air squats, 10 pushups & 5 burpees at a comfortable pace (scaled to your level).


  • Mask up, go on air and start carrying stuff around or doing activities (PPE is OPTIONAL, but work smart)
  • Try to find stuff to carry as a team (i.e. big tires, ladders)
  • Keep working until you are COMPLETELY out of air.
  • Check to see how you did my adding up your reps or laps or whatever the method to your madness was.
  • If you’ve got gas left in the tank, take off your facepiece and keep going until you’re all the way done!

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COOL DOWN:  5 minute slow walk (no weight), arm circles, hurdle stretch and then stretch whatever feels tight (move into all stretches slowly, don’t bounce and hold for about 15 seconds)


Thanks and Be SAFE!


  • pat vaughn says:

    Functional workouts are the best workouts. To many times I’ve watched as the big strong, weight lifers tend to run out of gas before the job is done. Thanks for putting this info together and stay safe!

  • joe verneer says:

    Very good idea for the crew ..thank you

  • Jenny says:

    Fun workout. Tried to get crew involved, might take a little work. But fun none the less! I went for 40 minutes ….farmers carry 50lb dumb bells, ladder carry around station, step ups on a box (20), deadlifts (135 @ 15) shoulder press (45lbs 15) squats (20) fast walk around station.

  • Mike says:

    Great ideas guys. Working in our SCBA is a must. When it comes to stretching…up to 30 seconds, but no benefit past that according to most research. A quick stretch after the warm up is also a good idea. Thanks for the work.

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