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“Memorial MayDays & Murph”. A Different Kind of Survival Training

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What? Your mind and body are the most important things that you bring to an incident. Without being mentally and physically prepared to do the job, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. “MayDays” is a two-day conference intended to give fire service members at any level the tools and information they can use to […]

Street Smart Shop Talk on Fire Engineering Talk Radio

On the menu for tonight’s episode of “Shop Talk” we’re talking about BROTHERHOOD, PRIDE & TRADITION.  For April Fool’s Day, we’ve themed tonight on the F.O.O.L.S. (Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society) whose mission it is to uphold these values. We’ve also invited a special guest to talk about the biggest firefighter killer that nobody seems to want […]

A New Years Resolution Mad Lib “On Firefighting”

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As firefighters, danger is a part of our job. Ignoring the danger or masking it with blanket statements & safety slogans will almost certainly result in a catastrophic reality check.

I Have Always Done Victim Survivability Profiling

VSP is one of the hottest topics of conversation in the fire service today. Captain Marsar’s research has taken the fire service by storm and has created an interesting “new” flavor of the month for those who feed on “firefighter safety through spectatorship”. Maybe it was because of my animosity for the “let it burn” folks within our profession that I was initially against the concept of deciding if a building is searchable from the front yard and was unfairly biased. However, the more I read about and discuss it the more I realize that I HAVE ALWAYS PERFORMED VSP!

RIC Refresher Breakdown

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Saws, irons, ladders and rescues were the flavor of week for our brothers in Bluffton, SC. Safe Firefighter, LLC just wrapped up a RIC Refresher for the Bluffton Township Fire District. Training included calling the Mayday, self-rescue, rapid intervention crew assignments and operations and performing proactive RIC tasks.

And Justice for All… We Never Forgot!

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10 years, 3000+ civilians and 343 firefighters dead… we got bin Laden.

“Out Of Air”, Great Video for Air Management Program

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This video was sent in by via Facebook. It’s a trailer for an air management training program. The message is clear and hard-hitting. CHECK IT OUT & PASS IT ON!

Chicago LODD and Old School Thoughts on Firefighting in “Vacant” Structures

The topic of firefighting in so-called vacant buildings is always an interesting, and sometimes heated, kitchen table discussion. I wanted to share some points of consideration that have been passed on to me when operating at fires in vacant buildings.

Roll Call for October 9 – October 22

SAFE Firefighter is going to give an overview of how WE did as a fire service from Saturday to Friday of every week. Please feel free to leave comments or add comments with links to additional information. Thanks and Be SAFE!

Coverage of NFFF Memorial Weekend

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Live STREAMING coverage of this weekend’s NFFF Memorial Weekend will be available at

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June 11, 2014

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