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Street Smart Shop Talk on Fire Engineering Talk Radio

On the menu for tonight’s episode of “Shop Talk” we’re talking about BROTHERHOOD, PRIDE & TRADITION.  For April Fool’s Day, we’ve themed tonight on the F.O.O.L.S. (Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society) whose mission it is to uphold these values. We’ve also invited a special guest to talk about the biggest firefighter killer that nobody seems to want […]

Back by Demand…MORE Forcible Entry Training!

After our last Forcible Entry 1 & 2 day, the first question we were asked was “WHEN’S THE NEXT ONE? Well, here it is… Enjoy the most fun, realistic and intense forcible training in the region!

Real World Forcible Entry Problems

Entry Img

Yesterday, we posted an outside view of a Charlie Side door with some yum-yums we weren’t familiar with. We were lucky enough to find people on our SAFE Firefighter Facebook page who had seen the same things, recognized them and offered some insight. We were also fortunate that someone linked an article from Brothers In Battle, LLC on the Upper Left Coast. Please give it a read and let us know what you think.

Take Your Search Skills to the Next Level!

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Safe Firefighter, LLC will be presenting 2 search classes in Beaufort, South Carolina on September 18, 2013. These classes will provide updated search techniques to help you to make your searches safer and more efficient. Primary search can present numerous challenges for those faced with completing one of the most important fireground tasks. Rapidly deteriorating conditions, building layout, short staffing all are factors that limit our ability to safely perform our most important priority.

CLASSES! “Truck Work 101″

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Participants will experience HIGH ENERGY, HANDS-ON truck work training. We enhance the traditional LOVERS PLUS truck work model with MODERN skills & knowledge that can be used TODAY on YOUR FIREGROUND!

A New Years Resolution Mad Lib “On Firefighting”

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As firefighters, danger is a part of our job. Ignoring the danger or masking it with blanket statements & safety slogans will almost certainly result in a catastrophic reality check.

The Fireground is Like Loading a Dishwasher

There are as many ways to operate on the fireground as there are ways to load a dishwasher. Some require a little planning but result is streamlined operations and functional flexibility. Others rely on making the plan as you go and may require a little more work to get the job.

First Due Friday; Fire in Hell’s Kitchen… Literally (Video)

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(VIDEO) You are on the first unit to arrive at this occupied multi-family/ taxpayer fire in NYC. Give us your SIZE-UP, CREW ASSIGNMENTS & RECEO VS considerations. Also, watch the fireground ops and share your constructive criticism. Enjoy!

First Due Friday; How Do You RIC?

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How does your FD staff the RIC & what, if anything, are they allowed/expected to do at a fire?

First Due Friday; Going to Work in a Garden Apartment!

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You are first to arrive on whatever you normally ride. Give us your SIZE-UP, CREW ASSIGNMENTS & RECEO VS considerations. HOW BIG DOES THIS INCIDENT GET IN YOUR FD… alarms, units, staffing, etc? Also, watch the fireground ops and share your constructive criticism. Enjoy!

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