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  • Adrian Taylor says:

    Matt, I took your forcible entry class last year and was wondering what door prop system you use. I know that it bolts onto an existing door but need to get more information. Anything would help, Thanks.

    • safefirefighter says:

      We use the TroxFire TruForce. We built the frame and stand for the one that we use, however, he now offers a standalone, full door, version of the prop. It’s been good to us. Let me know if you want more info. Good to hear from you and keep in touch.


  • Eric Ballard says:

    Matt- I took your StreetSmart forcible entry class at MBFD during the fire conference. I was trying to find out the door dimensions, frame dimensions, etc. I am trying to get the training department to get a forcible entry prop. Any help would be appreciated.

    FF E Ballard

    • safefirefighter says:


      I’ve been out of town with family for a couple weeks, but I’ll get those exact dimension ASAP and get them to you. Although, all we did was get a 30″ metal door, build the frame around it and put it on a 4’x4′ base. We would love to work with you on getting the prop itself and we can add our two cents on the frame if you’re gonna build it in house.

      I hope you had a good time in class! Thanks and be safe.


  • Ramon Tucker says:

    I took your street smart class at the SC Fire Conference last year and I am in need of some assistance. I tried emailing but for some reason it keeps getting kicked back, that being said, I am looking for some help with documentation to assist with introducing the ladder techniques that were shown at that class. I hope to establish some communication via phone or email with you soon. I am looking forward to introducing my Department with some of the skills I learned in that class.

  • Adam M Stephenson says:

    Hi Matt,
    I attended your 2015 FDIC class on 4/26/15. I was wondering if I could use some your presentation, the brotherhood part in particular, I come from a volunteer department and while we are all family I would like to add some that training to help increase the unity and show it’s importance

  • Steven,

    I am sorry for missing this comment from so long ago. I hope if you had any training needs you were able to have them met. If you still have any needs, please contact me directly at

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