Registration Requirements



  • Course Registration Forms must be completed by ALL students PRIOR to beginning any course
  • Course Registration Forms must be filled out completely and signed
  • Payment must be made at the time of registration
  • A $25.00 service fee will be charged for returned checks
  • Course registrations will be sent to the business address
  • Registrations will be processed upon receipt and confirmations sent out by email the day after the registration deadline date.


Public Course Registrations


  • Deadlines for public courses will be five (5) days prior to the course start date
  • Late registrations may be accepted at the discretion of the Safe Firefighter, LLC staff

Contract Course Registrations


  • Contract course students must meet all general requirements for course registration
  • Contract courses will NOT have a registration deadline. 
  • However, a student roster must be submitted to Safe Firefighter, LLC five (5) days prior to the course start date
  • Safe Firefighter, LLC must be notified of any changes to the student roster prior to the course start date
  • NO WALK IN REGISTRATIONS WILL BE PERMITTED.  Student substitutions MAY be permitted if arrangements are made PRIOR to class start date.


Class Cancellation, Student Withdraw &  Class Refunds

Course Cancellation

Courses may be cancelled, by Safe Firefighter, LLC, with or without the recommendation of the lead instructor, for any of the following reasons:

  • Low student enrollment
  • Insufficient instructor availability
  • Unsafe training facility conditions
  • Unsafe weather conditions

The recommendation to cancel a course due to training facility and/or weather conditions must be made by the Lead Instructor for the course, with the final decision being made by either the president or designee.


Student Withdraw


  • Students must notify the Safe Firefighter BY EMAIL as soon as possible prior to the beginning of a course.
  • Student withdraw emails must be sent to info@safefirefighter.com


  • Refund Policies for withdrawn students will be as follows:

o      More than 10 days prior to course start date:            full refund

o      9 to 3 days prior to course start date:                        50% refund

o      2 to 0 days prior to course start date:                        0% refund

o      Student no show without withdraw email               0% refund



Course Scheduling


Course Type


  • Public- Public courses that are scheduled by Safe Firefighter, LLC, and published/announced on the Safe Firefighter, LLC website (www.safefirefighter.com) and/or in periodic email newsletters
  • Request- Public courses that are requested by an individual, group and/or organization.  Registrations may be public or private at the requestor’s discretion
  • Contract- Courses that are requested by an individual, group and/or organization that, due to scheduling, number of students and/or special circumstances, are scheduled and delivered according to terms agreed to by both the requesting party and Safe Firefighter, LLC.



Class Size and Instructor to Student Ratio


  • Lecture: no student limit
  • Hands On: up to 25 students with 5:1 student/instructor ratio.
  • NOTE:  Any course with enrollment demand of more than 25 students will be split into two simultaneous courses.

Shipping Policy

Maps to Training Facilities


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