VEIS, The “I” Isn’t Silent

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Despite many modern challenges in today’s fire service, saving lives is still our #1 priority. Modern fuel loads have changed fire behavior and survivability inside structure fires. This requires us to THINK before we act (surprisingly difficult sometimes).  “Traditional” tactics and previous experience can be a double-edged sword.  Traditional tactics may work at certain fires.  […]

Movement Monday

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Cardiac related events still kill more firefighters than anything else.  Here’s the good news… getting fit isn’t overly complicated.  It’s not about running a marathon or being able to lift a car.  Fitness is simply about MOVING.  You’ve gotta get up and keep the blood pumping, the sweat dripping and the heart happy for decent amount of time.  […]

Street Smart Forcible Entry 1 & 2 in Burton, SC

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Safe Firefighter, LLC is proud to offer “STREET SMART” FORCIBLE ENTRY 1 & 2 featuring “The Pig” Forcible Entry Tool. This OPEN ENROLLMENT class will be hosted by the Burton Fire District in Burton, SC. Class Details (Flyer & Registration @ Bottom). These high speed classes give participants the information, techniques and repetitions to confidently attack […]

Memorial MayDays & Murph: A Different Kind of Survival Training

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What? Your mind and body are the most important things that you bring to an incident. Without being mentally and physically prepared to do the job, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. MayDays is a two-day conference intended to give fire service members at any level the tools and information they can use to avoid survival situations. The […]

Street Smart Shop Talk on Fire Engineering Talk Radio

On the menu for tonight’s episode of “Shop Talk” we’re talking about BROTHERHOOD, PRIDE & TRADITION. For April Fool’s Day, we’ve themed tonight on the F.O.O.L.S. (Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society) whose mission it is to uphold these values. We’ve also invited a special guest to talk about the biggest firefighter killer that nobody seems […]

Rollin’ Heavy!

Couldn’t help but share this video of our Brothers and neighbors from Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue rolling heavy to, what appears to be a Box Alarm. Enjoy!

**CLASS DATE CHANGE** Forcible Entry 1 & 2 in Bluffton, SC


Back by Demand…MORE Forcible Entry Training!

After our last Forcible Entry 1 & 2 day, the first question we were asked was “WHEN’S THE NEXT ONE? Well, here it is… Enjoy the most fun, realistic and intense forcible training in the region!

Real World Forcible Entry Problems

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Yesterday, we posted an outside view of a Charlie Side door with some yum-yums we weren’t familiar with. We were lucky enough to find people on our SAFE Firefighter Facebook page who had seen the same things, recognized them and offered some insight. We were also fortunate that someone linked an article from Brothers In Battle, LLC on the Upper Left Coast. Please give it a read and let us know what you think.

“Street Smart Forcible Entry” 1 & 2

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Enjoy the most fun, realistic and intense forcible training in the region! Safe Firefighter, LLC is proud offer “STREET SMART” FORCIBLE ENTRY 1 & 2 on October 2 . This OPEN ENROLLMENT class will be graciously hosted by the Burton Fire District in Beaufort, SC.

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