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CLASSES! “Truck Work 101″

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Participants will experience HIGH ENERGY, HANDS-ON truck work training. We enhance the traditional LOVERS PLUS truck work model with MODERN skills & knowledge that can be used TODAY on YOUR FIREGROUND!

Basics for Understaffed Truck Work: Search

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By searching for victims and fire, we can increase the speed of fire attack and extinguishment which creates a safer fireground for everyone. This post will detail how to get the most out of your search despite various staffing levels.

Understaffed Truck Work: Ladders

Most fire departments, if they are even lucky enough to staff a truck company, often struggle with how to maximize the tasks that the truck can accomplish on the fireground.  Since times are tough and budgets are tougher, increasing staffing is unlikely. Below are some ideas to consider when trying to get the most from […]

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S.A.F.E. Firefighter

20 Old Farm Road Bluffton, South Carolina 29910 (843) 247-6044 www.safefirefighter.com info@safefirefighter.com

About Us

S.A.F.E. Firefighter helps firefighters to be smart, aggressive, fundamentally-sound and efficient through high-energy, high intensity and high-impact training.


Upcoming Events

"Engine Operations on the Modern Fireground" (H.O.T.)
aka "Engine Work 101"
Southeastern Fire School
South Carolina Fire Academy
March 8-9, 2014

"Street Smart Shop Talk"
Fire Engineer Talk Radio
April 1, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

"Street Smart Fireground Forcible Entry" (H.O.T.)
South Carolina Fire/Rescue Conference
Myrtle Beach, SC
June 10, 2014

"Outside the Box Firefighting" (H.O.T.)
South Carolina Fire/Rescue Conference
Myrtle Beach, SC
June 11, 2014

"Street Smart Forcible Entry 2"
Bluffton Twp. Fire District HQ
December 16, 2013
1330-1730 hrs

Quote of the Month:

"Without training they lacked knowledge. Without knowledge they lacked confidence. Without confidence they lacked victory."

- Julius Caesar